Parrish Auto Repair, Inc. was started in January of 1992, and has been in business at our present location since opening. It’s Founder, Tony Parrish, saw a need for an independent auto repair facility that specialized in Asian Imports. “That portion of the auto repair business was terribly lacking. Your main choices were all Dealerships. I wanted to offer a repair facility where you could have your vehicle repaired, and be more than just a number. We wanted to get to know our customers on a one to one basis, and have a relationship that was not just profit driven. As our business grew, it became evident that we needed to expand our offerings. We now work on all Asian Imports, all Domestic vehicles, and a limited number of European Vehicles”.

Parrish Auto Repair, Inc. is located North of Victory Dr. on Habersham St., in the Victorian District. Close to downtown and centrally located, it is convenient to Downtown, Midtown, and the Islands. Several SCAD dorms and buildings are just a few blocks away.

“We have worked with a large number of SCAD students through the years. We know that the decision making process can be intimidating when it comes to repairing an automobile. When you add that the car can be several hundred miles from home, that just makes it worse. When asked, we are always happy to speak with the parents, and keep them informed about needed repairs, costs, and length of time to repair”.

Tony Parrish, Pres. Of Parrish Auto Repair: “I learned a lot of my business ideas from my Father. One of the main ideas that he instilled in me was Honesty. We provide quality auto service at a reasonable cost.”